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A physical guarding service is based on the support and communications between internal – officers, site and operations managers- and external –you, the client. Our well trained security guards help to maintain and create “feel Secure” environment for the management and employees by their manners and etiquettes, round the clock surveillance on the perimeter and internal assets, information sharing and communication skills. We, at, Bharahi Security Services Pvt. Ltd first learn and understand the exact requirement of the client before providing security services.


The Bharahi Security Services Pvt. Ltd is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for varied security and surveillance needs.

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The Bharahi Security Services Pvt. Ltd is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for varied security and surveillance needs.

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The Bharahi Security Services Pvt. Ltd is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for varied security and surveillance needs.

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The Bharahi Security Services Pvt. Ltd is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for varied security and surveillance needs.

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The Bharahi Security Services Pvt. Ltd is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for varied security and surveillance needs.

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The Bharahi Security Services Pvt. Ltd is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for varied security and surveillance needs.

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The Bharahi Security Services Pvt. Ltd is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for varied security and surveillance needs.

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The Bharahi Security Services Pvt. Ltd is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for varied security and surveillance needs.

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Security Survey

On understanding the requirement, we undertake a security survey of the premises and offer our recommendations to client.

Recruitment and Training

We impart specialized training to the selected personnel at our security training schools. Assessment of all the security personnel through a written and aptitude test is conducted on completion of the training program.


On successful completion of the specialized training, we deploy these personnel to undergo seven days practical training. We also impart refresher training capsules at regular intervals.

Validation Process

A performance operational audit is conducted on completion of one-month deployment. The Observations made during the operational audit are shared with the client and required changes are made as per the requirement.

Customer Care

During the course of the contract, our corporate customer care cell contacts the client on regular basis to obtain feedback on services rendered to consistently improve the quality of the services.

Security training

Security training to its security personnel is one of the most important factors in building the brand image and provides excellent security services. We at Bharahi Security Services Pvt. Ltd believe that each security personnel are the brand ambassador of the company, hence we put in every extra effort to train and groom him to provide optimum security services to our valued clients.

How we perform

We recruit the person according to the QR set for the various categories of the security personnel. One selected, they undergo the enrolment process and are then sent to security training school to undergo Basic security training.

Basic security Training

This is the initial stage where a person is groomed into a disciplined and knowledgeable security guard. We conduct 8 hrs sessions per day for over 20 working days. Basic security Training comprises of 13 days (100 Hours) classroom and 7 days (60 Hours) field training. The syllabus has been prepared after lot of learning and understanding requirement of various industries and according to Private Security Agency (Regulatory) Act 2005.

The main subjects covered are:

• Posturing, Discipline, Manners & Etiquettes • Security Awareness • Various Tools of Security • Asset Protection- Human, Material & Information • Patrolling • Crowd Control and Use of Force • Introduction to IPC, CrPC, Arms Act • Identifying various documents • Incident prevention and reporting • Handling various emergencies • Use and operation of latest Security Equipments • Fire fighting on completion of Basic Security Training, an assimilation test- Written and Aptitude is conducted to check and verify the knowledge gained.

On Job Training

On passing out from the basic Security training, all candidates are deployed to various industries to undergo On Job Training for two days wherein the security personnel are given training on site and Post Instructions, Security Policy and Procedures of the site.

Refresher Training

We believe that the training is a dynamic process and should be continued to update the changing requirement of the site and client. Hence we also conduct two days brainstorming session every six months which are validated through our operational audits.

Controlling the services

We believe that the complete control of operations first taking care by our assignment manager, field manager and operations manager. And every complaint regarding field operations feel free to contact our control room. 1. Assignment manager – Replacement, Deployment and welfare of guards. 2. Field manager – Client interactions, complaints and Checking’s. 3. Manager-Operations – Find out complete operations.

House Keeping Services

Here comes our expertise in one of the similar sector, where we are serving with unmatched quality and assurance of client and Customer satisfaction. IT’S NOT THE SIZE BUT THE ATTITUDE THAT’S MATTER. When inviting firms to submit proposals, do not overlook small firms in favor of larger companies with higher public profiles. It is a general assumption that a bigger firm will provide the best service. "Big" does not always mean "best." Numerous small firms specialize in niche areas. We are flexible enough to be large and less expensive enough to offer intensely focused services. The advantage of collaborating with a smaller firm like ours is that your business is more important to us, than it would be to a larger firm. More pertinent than size it is the relation¬ship that can result in more personalized attention. We have the ability to grasp your requirements and needs and tailor assess¬ment exercises to measure the relevant skills, experience and expertise. We are very efficient, very approachable, helpful and sincere in our commitments. We are well organized in order to meet deadlines. We have the gained the knowledge and expertise based on practical, hands-on experience. Particularly, the quality of our understanding about various kinds of recruiting needs ar1d demands is highly efficient...very approachable, helpful and sincere.

We service an array of levels in the hierarchy ranging from General Managers, Departmental Heads, Supervisors, Captains, Jr. Executives, etc. We serve every possible combination of requirements. Rather than use an orna¬mental approach, we stick to fundamentals of recruitment and utilize every possible resource in obtaining 'almost-perfect' candidate for the corpo¬rate.

We place immense emphasis on headhunting. Instead of merely rummaging through our exhaustive database, we headhunt for candidates that will suit the nature of work profile. The knack of infiltrating into any organization has provided us with a list that only a handful of consultants could talk big about.

Dressed in the suit of a consultant, we take several steps forward to ensure complete client satisfaction. Involving ourselves to the extent of emerging with deep-seated approaches that are tailor made to accommodate your manpower needs or management change over. Selection of candidates: Our search begins with extensive and rigorous evaluation of the client need. We seek to arrive at a thorough understanding of the specifications of the position(s) to be filled. We then engage in extensive industry research and networking; existing sources are contacted and leads are vigorously pursued. Our fully trained consultants seek candidates who have the ability and skills that our clients expect from us.

Our role

Is very much partnership driven on the appointment of professionals and other specialist functional roles in the following industry segments:
• IT Services
• Logistics
• Primary Industries
• Telecom
• Manufacturing
• Medical & Pharma
• Sales & Management
• Professional Services
• Hospitality (Hotels, Restaurants & Hospitals)
• Hotel Management Colleges
• Business Products/Services
• Consumer Products
• Educational Institutions

We are proud of how we conduct our business. Additionally, we work with the highest ethics and a commitment. Our goal is to provide top-notch talent for our client's consideration in an efficient and timely manner. On all openings, we accurately assess each candidate according to our client's specifications, their realistic career expectations and commitment to corporate goals.

Control Room

Our control room operations available at 24/7 and our control room phone numbers are. 1. The control room number is - 8688285553


1. Recruitment and Training.
a. We recruit above 25 – 45 years age of the security personnel.
b. He knows Telugu, Hindi and writing skills in English.
c. We trained them in Fire fighting, first Aid and Driving.
d. Security Personnel have minimum Basic security Knowledge.
e. We trained for controlling the Parking and vehicle movement.
f. We trained them for using different Security Tools.
g. Maintaining the all movement registers like Inward, Outward, RGP, NRGP
and Etc. h. Patrolling, Monitoring, Observations, Information and Customer Care.
i. We control the services by Ex-Army officers, Assignment manager and Field Officer.
j. We recruit minimum height of the guard is 5.7” and medical and physical
standards. BHARANI is committed to providing comprehensive solutions and it varies with other companies’ because we have QRT, Training Academy operated by Ex-Army officers and controlling the services by experienced Operational Staff. And our each client feels Safe and secure environment for the management and employees and others.

Terms and Conditions

• The prices are inclusive of all charges including our contributions towards ESI, EPF,Gratuty, Bonus, Substitutes for weekly offs, holidays, leaves and others absenteeism. It also includes cost of training, equipment and uniform for security personnel etc. •  The charges under this agreement are based on wages, cost of material and other expenses, if such costs vary and if there is increase in minimum wages, Bharahi Security Services Pvt. Ltd is at liberty to request for an increase. If not accepted, then Bharahi Security Services Pvt. Ltd can terminate the contract by giving one months notice in writing. •  We are governed by the Contract Labor Act and the rates mentioned are computed under the same Act. • If there is no change in any of the Central or State minimum wages or the statutory benefits, a minimum of 10% increase would be initiated on annual renewal of the contract. •  We need a minimum 10 days – 15 days time period from the date of signing the Contract to deploy our staff. •  The functional stationary to be maintained at the post is to be provided by the client.

•  The job description at each post to be performed by the guarding personnel may kindly be intimated before finalization. •  The proposal being offered to you is subject to modification in terms of increase or decrease of manpower subject to operational requirements. Once this basic proposal is agreed on, and then we will offer you a formal contract, which must be signed and returned to us before actual date of deployment. We will then develop a proper set of site instructions with mutual consent, which will act as a guideline to the basic nature of duties of personnel deployed at your site Bharahi Security Services Pvt. Ltd and would form the part of the contract.

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